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Season 2, Episode 1: About Cleo

Good Grandmas Finish Last

Meet Cleopatra Melroy, "the grandma" and owner of the Melroy house.Who are you, Cleo? a little voice is whispering. You realize that you don't know anymore. You play the part of the generous matriarch, and stay in the shadows where society tells you that you belong, but what have you got to show for it? Where has playing by the rules ever gotten you? You're sad, cold, and alone. Sure, you own a house, but where is it? In the hands of a granddaughter who lives rent free on your dime. And what for? To maintain the persona of the "good grandma"? Don't you know that good grandmas finish last?

Sudden Awakenings

Then one day, you wake up —but I mean you really wake up. You sit up in bed, eyes open wide, and you realize: it's all up to you. Everything you don't like about your life is a choice you make day after day without even realizing. You're used to your unhappiness. It's protocol. But what if it doesn't have to be? What if you could change your circumstances simply by wanting something different? Change begins with your desire.

A New Dedication to Yourself

And so you throw the covers off and swing your feet around to touch the floor with a new dedication in your step. From this moment on, you're Cleo 2.0 -the vibrant, unedited, full-throttle version of you that you've been pushing down for all these years. You don't owe anybody anything, Cleo. But you do owe yourself the authenticity you've been sacrificing to make other people happy. That B.S. ends today.

The Year of Cleo

Happy New Year, girl! Happy New Life. Along with making your bed this morning, you've made yourself over into the true you! I really love that pink tint in your hair, and your skirt is fucking fun! This is The Year of Cleo. You can feel it in your bones. So many things to do now to get back to YOU. For one thing, you've been single too long. It's probably time to get back out there. But first things first... Let's get that house back and reclaim your passive income! Cleo, you've got some living to do! 

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