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Meet the Characters

Welcome to The Dollhouse

Season 1

A house that belongs to her grandmother, a whacky roommate, and a maid who works for room and board —one woman’s way of never paying rent again.

Meryl Melroy

Meryl seems to have it all —her grandmother’s empty house and a genuine desire to live a life of leisure while doing as little work as possible. After being laid off from her last three jobs (bank-teller, food-server, retail-worker —none of which were good fits), Meryl got smart and got online. 

With a little Craigslist magic on her side, she found a roommate so she could pay bills and buy groceries again, then hopped over to "services" and found herself a live-in maid too. Financial freedom and free time are precious to this Capricorn sun/ Pisces rising thirty-something. Meryl's heroes include Lelaina Pierce of Reality Bites and Edina Monsoon of Absolutely Fabulous. 

Genevieve (aka 'Gene')

Gene was looking for "a living situation," as posted in her ad on Craigslist. When Meryl reached out, Gene assured her that she would be the perfect fit for the house. Gene works remote, although the details are vague. Her interests include Grandaddy Purps and records. Gene is a double Gemini.

Marie (the maid)

Marie comes from a long line of service and hospitality workers. Her mother is a housekeeper, her father, a hard working chef. The story goes that her grandparents, a butler and a maid, fell in love while serving the same wealthy family decades ago, and then the same luck befell her parents.

Marie grew up in the upscale residence of her parents' employers. As a child, she watched her mom and dad working side by side and longed for what they had —a love born out of common duty and a dedication to serve. This legacy is what inspired Marie to create her ad for maid services in exchange for room and board on Craigslist. 

Marie was thrilled when Meryl reached out so quickly. But she wasn't exactly offered a "room." Marie's quarters will be the computer room, where there is no door, and only a love seat sofa to sleep on. 

But Marie has never been a complainer. She’s a hardworking Cancer with a people-pleasing Libra moon. Although a uniform is not required, she will uphold the tradition her parents modeled and work in full formal dress code. Marie's hero is Jane Eyre. She's optimistic that her own new servitude will lead her to find her Mr. Rochester. 

Vlad (The love interest)

Vlad is a little person who enjoys savory foods and sensual delights. He has an ardor for pin-up girls of the 1950's and 60's. He's a fun-loving Sagittarius with a moon in Cancer. You must know him well to understand his complex sensitivities. His hero is the great Harry Houdini. 

Grenadine (Vlad's overprotective sister) 

It's no surprise that Grenadine is a Scorpio. She can be easily influenced toward jealousy, deviant behavior, and frankly, she can be dangerous at times. She does not like to be crossed. Named after her mother's favorite bar syrup, Grenadine was left to fend for herself at a young age and care for her baby brother while their mother seized any opportunity she could to bring in money after their father left. Grenadine struggles with her childhood trauma, as well as with an Aries moon, which renders her impatient and given to outbursts. Grenadine's hero is her brother Vlad, whom she has often expressed is the only person she can trust.