Meet Tahnee


Welcome to The Dollhouse...

A house that belongs to her grandmother, a whacky roommate, and a maid who works for room and board... One woman’s way of never paying rent again.

Get to know the dolls that live here...

Meryl has it all. Her grandmother’s house rent-free, Internet access, and ingenuity. After being laid off from her three jobs (bank teller/food worker/horse whisperer), Meryl got smart and went on Craigslist to find a roommate so that she could pay her bills and buy groceries again. While she was at it, she decided to check out Services and found herself a maid too! She used to enjoy her solitude, but food on the table, financial peace of mind, and FREE time are all too precious to this Capricorn sun/Pisces rising thirty-something.

Gene was looking for a living situation, as posted in her ad on Craigslist. When she received a call from Meryl, Gene assured her that she would be the perfect fit. Gene works from home, although the details are vague. Her interests include opium, and records. Gene is a double Gemini.

Marie comes from a long line of service people. Her mother was a housekeeper, and her father, a hard working chef. They lived under the same roof and served the same family for decades. It’s how they met. As a child, Marie watched her parents working side by side and longed for what they had -a love born out of common duty and a dedication to serve. Having grown up in the upscale residence belonging to their employers, Marie has sought out a similar situation for herself. When her parents were young, there was no Craigslist. Back then, you had to know someone. Marie was delighted to find “room and board” so quickly at Meryl’s house through her ad. Only she didn’t exactly get a room. She sleeps on a love seat -- in the computer room --where there is no door. But Marie’s not a complainer! She’s a hardworking Cancer with a people-pleasing Libra moon. Although a uniform is not required, she has decided to uphold the tradition her parents always modeled and work in full formal dress code.

Vlad is technically a little person. He enjoys savory foods and sensual delights. He has an ardor for pin-up girls of the 1950's and 60's. He's a fun-loving Sagittarius with a moon in Cancer. You must know him well to understand his complex sensitivities... 

It's no surprise that Grenadine is a Scorpio. Her personality can be influenced by jealousy, and she can be deviant, even dangerous at times. She does not like to be crossed. Alas, Grenadine is broken inside. Named after her mother's favorite liquor, Grenadine was abandoned at a very young age, left to fend for herself and look after her brother while their mother took to the brothels of Belarus every night. Grenadine struggles with an Aries moon, which renders her impatient, and she is given to outbursts of rage. Her brother Vlad, she has often expressed, is the only person she can trust. 

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