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Season 2, Episode 4: The Melroy House Rules

When Hard Work Pays Off

When you woke up this morning, you couldn't even sit down at your desk and check email at your desktop like the old-school babe you are because Meryl's boxes were taking up every inch of your computer room.

But as of today, the renovations on your house are complete, so you don't dwell. You throw on your shades, head over to the house, and let yourself inside like a gal who's new life starts today. You throw open the door to apartment 1, the Airbnb, and your new digs for a while. 

A Chic Space for a Chic New You

You step into your bright new room, reunited with all your beloved pets, previously entrusted to Meryl because your old apartment didn't allow animals. Somehow you just know you're going to thrive and become the best version of yourself here.

You've stocked the vanity/bar with all your favorite sparkling sodas, something you know future guests will appreciate, and the kitchen area is fully equipped with a double grill plate, pots, pans, cutting boards, coffee accoutrements, and everything needed to get cooking. 

But your favorite part of the Airbnb is the Eames chair and ottoman. You look forward to many a cozy afternoon here with your sweet old ginger, Chippy, just taking it easy. 

Coffee Break

Back out in the foyer, you're proud of the simple white mailboxes you selected, but even more so of the fact that you've turned this space into a tasteful coffee lounge where occupants can aim to make the perfect cappuccino. Here  they can take a load off, listen to music, watch TV, or peruse an array of fun print magazines. In fact, you plan to spend some time here yourself. The vibes are super peaceful.

Apartment 2

Apartment 2 is your smallest unit. It used to be the kitchen. But now the green marbled tiles glisten and beckon to someone of limited means. They whisper: Save some money... If this space seems too small for you, just remember there's a communal coffee lounge right outside your door!

You know this unit will be spacious for someone skilled at maximizing smaller spaces. Your favorite feature is the new mini-fridge you had installed. It even has a vegetable crisper, something the other units don't have. Oh to be the lucky tenant who rents this perfect starter space! 

2nd Floor Dreams Do Come True

Next you're off to admire the 2nd floor entryway turned laundry room and potential work-from-home-nook. Yes, you're gracious enough to provide the laundry detergent, bleach, fabric softener, and reading lamp with eco-friendly LED bulb. You know your tenants will appreciate this and keep the area tidy for you. 

In Love With the Loo

And then that magic moment arrives as you delicately open the bathroom door with tender anticipation knowing full well that the loo is the heart of any home. 

And it's fabulous! You're happy you chose a modern shower with fixed glass panels and gold pan-style shower head —because water pressure is important. The plants give the bathroom a fresh oxygenated feel, and you double down on your decision to provide your tenants a woven basket full of magazines to read while seated in this stylish communal commode.  

Apartment 3

Apartment 3 is a spacious studio with white wood flooring. This design choice brings a bright airy quality to the living space and creates a tangible positive atmosphere for its prospective tenant. You know that this well-lit cheerful room will be perfect for someone looking to start over in life. 

You particularly love the loft bed you had installed, which utilizes ceiling space and leaves valuable floor space open. For fun, you had the ladder painted in dappled gold. You give it a climb to ensure it's sturdy —and it is! 

3rd Floor Pet Project 

Finally, you ascend the stairs to the third floor, the last remaining unit. You've promised this space to Meryl, who's really been a trooper lately. Since this will be your granddaughter's first time paying rent, it will be her first adult home, so you want it to be extra special. (She turns 46 this year after all.) You've hand-picked some art you think she'll just love. You feel giddy, not just with the newness of the house, but with sharing the gift of your decorating prowess.

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