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Season 1, Episode 6: Vlad Gets Down

A Palpable Tension In the House

Marie returns home from running her errands with a new look. Her long conservative skirt is gone. In its place, she wears a playful pair of shorts.

She had really hoped that someone would notice, but the house is empty and gravely quiet, except for the sound of a low muttering coming from the bathroom.

It's Grenadine muttering to herself, having been sedated and placed in a bath. 

Marie offers her a magazine to take her mind off her obvious woes, but Grenadine only snarls at the dutiful maid, rejecting the In Touch that might have eased her worries.

An Intervention of Sorts

Meanwhile upstairs, Meryl sits Gene and Vlad down for a serious talk. 

She tells Vlad in earnest that his sister can't seem to handle his yearning toward Gene. "Let this go," she tells him, "for the sake of the peace in our house."

A Grand Gesture

But much to Meryl's dismay, Vlad ignores her completely. He gets down on one knee and tells Gene he'd like to be her man, or at least he'd like to give it a shot. 

Meryl is helpless to stop the force that has overcome her strange new cousin. 

And Gene experiences a high that she's never felt before. 

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