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Season 1, Episode 5: The Struggle

A Surprise Awaits 

The house is eerily quiet upon Meryl and Grenadine's return. With a palpable sense of foreboding, Meryl creeps up to  Gene's room and peers inside. 

Here she finds an amorous Gene whispering sweet nothings to Vlad as he's pleasantly roused from his nap in her bed.

Tensions Rise

Meryl's heart gives a jolt  as she hears the inevitable sound of Grenadine charging up the stairs.

Even old Chippy gives a shudder... 

Meryl tries to stop Grenadine from entering Gene's room by telling her that Gene is indisposed at the moment.

The sound of Grenadine's teeth gnashing in anger echoes through the hallway. 

Hell Hath No Fury Like Grenadine

In a sudden ferocious burst, Grenadine flies at the door throwing her full body weight at Meryl. 

Meryl does her best to hold Grenadine back. Gene and Vlad sit up and take in a healthy dose of terror.

An Overpowering Force

Ultimately, Meryl is no match for Grenadine's serious rage. She blasts through the doorway, knocking Meryl down in the process. 

Grenadine breaks free of Meryl's grip and claws her way toward the bed.

As she gets closer, Vlad springs off the bed and cowers in the corner of the room. He begins to weep. 

Grenadine is headed straight for Gene, growling like a rabid animal. Meryl tries again to restrain her, and Gene goes limp with fear. 

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