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Season 1, Episode 4: Vlad Gets Some Alone Time in the House

Nature Heals (Almost) All

Seeing that Grenadine is in a foul mood, Meryl offers to take her for a walk outside so that nature might soothe her ruffled spirit.

Alas, Grenadine's dark mood persists, even in the seat of nature. She refuses to speak to Meryl despite her cousin's gentle coaxing. 

Meanwhile At Home...

While Gene is out shopping for records and Marie is running her errands for the day, Vlad finds himself alone in the house. A piece of art in the foyer catches his eye. He stops to examine it more closely.  

Vlad is suddenly inspired to unpack his suitcase. He lays out his prized collection —full color photographs of the most beautiful women of all time— on the dusty dining room table. It's been too long, and he's missed them. 

Vlad decides to take his business into the living room where it's a bit more comfortable. He lays his photos out on the coffee table and nestles up close to them atop a cozy blanket.

Here, he can really spread out and study them most carefully.

When Vlad is finished in the living room, he goes upstairs to have a look around. 

He climbs the very stairs his sister has warned him not to fall down, and he is victorious, not stumbling even once. 

Vlad gives in to his urge to investigate the private spaces of his new roommates. He lets himself into Meryl's room first. 

 A strange feeling comes over him as he gazes into Meryl's looking glass... What kind of sorcery is she wielding? 

Next, Vlad makes a visit to the bathroom. 

He takes a peek into Marie's room as well...

There isn't much to it. Marie doesn't have a bed. It appears she sleeps on a love-seat in the computer room, a room with no door. Vlad pities her before moving on with his investigation.

Saving the Best for Last

Vlad has saved Gene's room for last. He stands at her dresser and wonders if the photos of men she has pinned to the mirror are her many lovers. 

Suddenly overwhelmed by this thought, Vlad throws himself down onto Gene's bed and lingers there in her blankets.

Slowly, he begins to drift off to sleep, the heaviness of his wearied thoughts finally melting away... It's not easy being Vlad. 

Heading for Home

Somewhere across town, Meryl decides to turn back. Grenadine wants to get back home and check on Vlad... 

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