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Season 1, Episode 3: Vlad Tries to Get Close to Gene

Curiosity Gets the Better of Vlad

While Gene works from home at the dining room table, little does she know Vlad is studying her from afar. 

Most unexpectedly, there's something about Gene that Vlad finds exciting... Slowly, he gains the courage to creep a bit closer. 

As he approaches, Gene sends a call to voicemail and takes a moment to drink in his musk. Then Vlad says, rather boldly, "Ahem... Hello, Gene."

Eyes in the Distance

What Vlad doesn't realize is that he isn't alone... Grenadine is watching, and she isn't pleased with what she sees. 

Grenadine has told Vlad in no uncertain terms to stay far away from Gene, and yet here he is, sputtering like a fool... 

Seeing Red

So angered by her brother's blatant disobedience, Grenadine sees lights flashing behind her eyes. This hasn't happened to her since she was a child, and it doesn't bode well.

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