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Season 1, Episode 2: Vlad Crosses the Line

High Hopes

Gene invites Vlad to sit with her on the couch by the hi-def flat screen plasma television. Grenadine takes a seat on the other side of them with her watchful eye. In the spirit of sharing, Gene passes the bong over to Vlad. She was hoping they could get "cozy" together.

Foiled by Her Fury

But this doesn't fly with Grenadine. She springs from the couch in a wave of fury and berates Vlad for accepting Gene's "instrument of evil." She calls him a weakling and an idiot.

Taking a Stand

After enduring a few long moments of Grenadine's verbal abuse, Vlad stands up to his sister and says, "Lighten up, will you?" He was rather hoping to partake in Gene's purple water pipe.

A Palpable Rage

 Bad move. She attacks him.

A Line Is Drawn

Gene watches helplessly as Grenadine roughly escorts Vlad out of the room while screaming at him in their native tongue. How will she ever get close to him now?

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