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Season 1, Episode 1: The Arrival

A Peaceful Life Interrupted

Up until now, it's been relatively peaceful for Meryl, her roommate Gene, and their live-in maid, Marie. Aside from the odd scuffle with Gene over what record to play, their home life has consisted mostly of lounging, internet-surfing, and taking care of the many pets that come with the house. And then, on a sudden Wednesday, two visitors arrive unannounced.

Cousin Vlad

Cousin Vlad stands four-foot-eight and wears musty three-piece suit, cuffed at the ankle. His thick black hair glistens in the noonday sun, and he sports a thin mustache, inspired by the marvelous Mr. Clark Gable. 

Cousin Grenadine

Vlad is accompanied by his sister. At five foot ten, Grenadine is a tall, fierce drink of water. Simultaneously, her sharp blue eyes exude a certain warning, and also a plea for compassion. This brother and sister come from a faraway land. "We are from the Chevnic Union," they say.

Sudden Family Ties

Vlad and Grenadine claim to be kin to Meryl. "We are your cousins," they announce. While Meryl has never met or even heard of them before, she does have a vague notion of being a part of a large extended family, so she takes them in, no questions asked —that's just Meryl.

An Infatuation

Gene, who's been in her room all day enveloped in a purple haze, takes an immediate shine to Vlad. She registers only his presence and rushes to his side to introduce herself, while Grenadine stands stiff behind them with a savage look in her eyes.

A Step Out of Character

Uncharacteristic of Gene, a bonafide slacker, she takes the initiative to help Vlad with his luggage and offers to share her room with him, citing that she has a very large mattress. 

A Strong Impulse Emerges 

Then, overcome by sheer whim, Gene wraps her arms around Vlad's waist and lifts him up off of the floor! This is not just her afternoon high. Rather, Gene fancies it's something like love, and she's tickled by how light he is.

A Sobering Intervention

Meryl steps in quickly and puts Cousin Vlad back on his feet, much to Gene's disappointment. She had rather liked the feel of him.

Meryl comforts her cousin and pats him, "there-there," knowing full well how intense Gene can be.

Grenadine rushes to his side, and together they insist Vlad take a seat to recover from all the excitement. Meryl and Grenadine give him a hoist into the nearest chair.

The Dutiful Powerhouse, Marie

Marie is left to struggle with the bags by herself.

A Fire Is Ignited

Gene looks on longingly at Vlad. So this is that thing called "love at first sight" she's heard so much about...

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