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Season 1, Episode 10: The Last Straw

It's Now or Never

Gene lets Vlad know she's ready to be intimate. He wants to oblige, but no matter how he tries, he can't stop thinking of his sister.

Grenadine has reached an all time low. She slumps from room to room, lingers in doorways glassy-eyed and mumbling, alternating between swigs of whisky and Pepto. Grenadine has lost control of Vlad, and so she has lost everything. 

Old Wounds Die Hard

A shell of her former self, Grenadine can't seem to emerge from the dark sticky fog. She came to the States to thrive, but her brother's love affair has triggered old wounds she never knew she had.  

In a final moment of deterioration and utter exhaustion, Grenadine falls in the bathroom. For an hour or more, she lies there, eyes fixed upon the ceiling, unblinking, repeating her mantra, "My baby is dead, my baby is dead..." until eventually she falls silent, her eyes still open wide. 

Soon Meryl finds her cousin this way and is momentarily frozen in shock. Meryl has never witnessed catatonia before.

Meryl has no choice but to snap out of it and act fast.  She gets online at once. 

After some quick, but careful internet searching, she finds the answer. 

Meryl heads to the telephone. She knows what she has to do. 


  1. Oh noooo!! Grennie!!! Who will meryl call?
  2. I love the miniature LifeStyles box!! Fantastic props! Can't wait to find out who she calls!!!!