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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Season 1, Episode 11: Another Arrival

Meet Dr. Leslie Buck, Psychology PhD. Meryl found him on Craigslist. He's arrived to help deal with Grenadine's condition. His melodic voice and penetrating eyes are sure to soothe the discord and sort out the chaos in the house. 

This is Opal. She's Dr. Leslie's personal assistant. Opal is studying to be a nurse and feels that she has much to gain from her time with Dr. Leslie. She views him as a mentor and a genius. Her nursing program is through Dr. Leslie's own online nursing school. She hasn't asked yet to make sure her internship as his assistant will count toward her degree, nor does she care. Opal would lay down her life for Dr. Leslie Buck. 

Meanwhile, the big moment between Gene and Vlad has passed... 

Gene longs for what could have been, and Vlad is tense, suddenly self-conscious... He wants Gene to tell him something he's heard on TV many times, that "it happens to everybody," but Gene is silent. Her impatience is far too great to allow her to comfort Vlad, yet secretly she's hoping this isn't the end. 

Downstairs, Dr. Leslie introduces himself to Meryl. "No need for formalities," he tells her. "Just call me Dr. Leslie." 

Opal watches him from a few feet away admiring his excellent way with introductions, greetings, and first meetings in general. She wonders if he will introduce her as well... 

Alas, Dr. Leslie skips over Opal's introduction. He does, however, instruct Opal to take care of the bags. 

Opal's on it. 

Once upstairs, Meryl and Dr. Leslie discuss what they're about to deal with: Grenadine on the bathroom floor, where she's been holed up drinking for the last two days. 

Meryl goes in first and tries to single-handedly lift Grenadine up off the floor...

But she buckles under the weight. Grenadine is whiskey-soaked and heavy. 

Dr. Leslie grabs her legs and they proceed into the hall. 

Together they stumble. Meryl slams her back into the wall trying to carry her comatose cousin. 

Grenadine's whiskey falls from her robe pocket, but only Mr. Puddles bears witness.

Finally, Dr. Leslie and Meryl get Grenadine into Meryl's bed, where she will sleep it off while the visitors settle in. 

On his way out of Mery's room, something catches Dr. Leslie's eye...

It appears to be an altar of sorts holding a crystal ball, a textbook on black magic, and, oddly, a photograph of Clark Gable... Whatever Meryl is into, Dr. Leslie is intrigued. 

Marie, always ready to serve, has cracked open a box of donuts and broken the protective seal on a jug of milk... 

The household gathers round. Everyone is curious about the good doctor... 

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