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A Dollhouse Thanksgiving Special

Something to Be Thankful For

In the wake of Grenadine's unfortunate incident, the household gathers to celebrate Thanksgiving. The good news is that Grenadine survived her fall. It seems her body was so relaxed from all her soaks in the tub, she rather floated, not plummeted, toward the ground that fateful night. Now she's gone for inpatient treatment at a Behavioral Health facility, courtesy of Meryl's grandma, Cleo, who had no knowledge of the relatives' arrival, and further, no notion of having relatives from the Chevnic Union. The gang is hopeful, but everyone bears a bit of guilt and responsibility. Meryl has prepared a turkey in the hopes of bringing everyone together for a comforting meal.

Regrets and Losses

Gene stares longingly across the table at Vlad. Yes, she feels badly that Grenadine's trauma came to a head as a result of her tryst with Vlad (so says the rumor mill), but she also wishes Vlad had been man enough to set a simple boundary with his sister. His love for Grenadine needn't have interfered with his chance for a romantic relationship. Gene feels the loss of what they briefly shared and what could have been.

Meryl tries to redirect Gene's attention to the turkey to avoid an altercation. 

A Uniquely Flavored Bird

The bird is exquisite, marinated in whiskey and garnished with potatoes, carrots, pickles and pepperoni. Meryl cooked all day. Everyone is hungry for the bird. 

An Unforeseen Guest

Just as everybody is ready to dig in, Marie brings an extra chair downstairs, raising eyebrows across the table. 

A Seat for a Stranger

Before anyone can ask any questions, a stranger saunters in. He has a sleeping bag under one arm and a carton of Kools under the other. 

"Meet Glenn," says Marie, as if she's rehearsed his introduction. "He's joining us for dinner as my personal guest."

An Indication of Certain Intent

Strangely, Glenn has brought a suitcase with him.

Staying On to Finish the Job

Dr. Leslie and Opal have stayed on at the house. Dr. Leslie is determined to wait for Grenadine to return home and continue their therapy journey together. Meryl has assured him he's free to leave, but he insists on finishing the healing work he began, gratis of course. 

Vlad Has an Intuition 

Vlad is feeling many things —thankful for his sister's life, guilty for his role in her pain, hungry for this savory stuffed bird, nervous by the looks of Gene from across the table, and very curious about this strange new character. Something about Glenn feels off.

Vlad does a lap around the table with his chest puffed out. His intensity makes the good doctor sweat. 

Without waiting for a response from the group, Marie offers Glenn a seat at the table. Vlad stares uncomfortably at the newcomer, sizing him up. 

Glenn has brought a bottle of Wild Turkey with him, but it appears to be for him alone to drink, as he offers a sip to no-one. 

Vlad Voices A Concern

Vlad turns to Dr. Leslie and whispers, "Have you noticed anything weird about Glenn?"

The doctor whispers back, "No, but I'm available for sessions after dinner if you can pay in cash. Group rates are available." 


Finally, everyone is seated. Meryl suggests going around the table and sharing something each person is thankful for.

Marie declares she's thankful to have met someone to potentially share a meaningful connection with. Meryl is thankful for family, cousins and roommates alike. And Glenn says he's always thankful for a free meal and a bottle of booze. With this, he winks at Marie. She swoons. 

The Tryptophan Lounge 

After dinner, night falls and everyone retires to the living room for dessert. Opal fluffs Dr. Leslie's pillow, never wanting him to be uncomfortable. Gene reclines into a food coma, for she has eaten the most pepperoni. Vlad is on guard, his eyes on Glenn until the tryptophan settles into his system causing his eyes to flutter closed as he relaxes into the couch with his new found family.