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Friday, November 17, 2017

Season 1, Episode 14: The Breakdown (Season Finale)

One night after dinner, Meryl sets out on a walk to sort through her feelings and put some good vibes out into the Universe for Grenadine's success in therapy... when all of sudden, she happens upon a large black creature lying lifeless in the street. 

Meryl grows increasingly uneasy as she stands contemplating the creature. She feels it is an omen, a harbinger of something terrible to come, but what could it be? She decides to turn around and go back to the house at once. 

Meanwhile, around the corner just a few feet away, Grenadine has stumbled out into the night, alone and unnoticed wearing only her bathrobe... Her mind is wet with the whiskey she's managed to sneak in spite of the good doctor's watchful eye. What's worse, she has climbed to a dangerous height, recklessly bent on destroying herself once and for all. 

All of Grenadine's slow unraveling has brought her to this moment. With Vlad seemingly liberated from her control, Grenadine feels she has nothing left. All she's ever known is a life where her sole purpose was to care for and direct her elfin brother. Now that he's gone, lost to Gene's lusty influence, Grenadine sees no purpose nor reason to go on. She steps closer to the edge. 

 The fall is quick. Grenadine's body is as light as a doll's. 

Here Grenadine lies all night long. It's well morning before the house forms a search party. When finally they set out, they are unprepared for what they find just around the corner... 

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